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18-Oct-2017 03:29

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It finally arrived at the museum last December and Prof Barrett has spent the last 12 months studying the astonishing animal and piecing it back together.

“It’s a bit like Meccano on a giant scale,” he said.

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It joins the Museum’s collection of 80 million specimens, of which eight million are fossils.Since its arrival at the Museum in December 2013, from private facilities in Switzerland and the USA, scientists have been taking measurements, photographs, laser surface scans and CT scans of the skeleton to find out more about the unusual lives of stegosaurs.This data will underpin a series of scientific studies.In fact there is less distance in time between T-Rex and humans than there is between the carnivore and stegosaurus. Its teeth are tiny, so it could only have chewed on soft vegetation.

Like a cow, it would have needed to eat for most of the day to fuel its huge body on plants alone.All of the individual skull bones are three dimensional and detached from each other, making it one of the most scientifically valuable dinosaur skulls ever found.